In a competitive, increasingly crowded marketplace, as an organisation we can take lessons from the kingfisher, which is capable of some of the smartest, most speedy aerial manoeuvres in the animal kingdom.

From its vantage point over a river or stream, the bird hones in on a single fish and then watches silently overhead by rapidly beating its wings as fast as eight times a second. In order to remain in sync with the fish's exact coordinates, the kingfisher must keep its head almost entirely motionless, letting the wings and counterbalancing tail do all the work.


When ready, the kingfisher strikes, performing a controlled vertical dive to ensure its dartlike bill is the first thing to enter the water. Though sharp and streamlined, this movement still generates shockwaves through the water, so speed is of the essence in order not to startle the fish.

At Sappi, the smart decisions that we execute with speed include responding to global trends and anticipating customers' needs; establishing global production sites which can switch between printing and writing papers or packaging papers; making capacity conversions to take advantage of market dynamics and increasing DWP capacity.



These decisions also include exploring new opportunities to make better use of the woodfibre that we have to hand; working on product portfolios to match changing market expectations and increasing the share of packaging papers in our portfolio to bring us closer to brand owners' and consumers' expectations.

Going forward, we will continue to operate with focus and agility by making smart investments in existing and adjacent areas with strong potential growth. This in turn will enable us to offer an expanded range of products that contribute towards a tomorrow that is better than today.