Our strategy and performance

Guided by our strategy, we measure our progress holistically against our mission, collaborating and partnering with stakeholders as we strive to be a trusted and sustainable organisation with an exciting future in woodfibre.

  2016   2017     2018   2019 Objectives notes
      Sales (US$ million)   5,141   5,296     5,806   Maximise sales on the back of acquisitions and expansion during 2018
      ROCE2 (%)   17.5   18.0     14.6   Continuously improving with a minimum of 12%
      Net debt (US$ million)   1,408   1,322     1,568   Decrease year-on-year; manage with growth ambitions
      EBITDA1 (US$ million)   739   785     762   Grow on the back of higher sales volumes
      Net debt/EBITDA   1.9   1.7     2.1   Maintain ~2x
      EBITDA margin (%)   14.4   14.8     13.1   Improve to target of 15%
      LTIFR1,2   0.46   0.44     0.43   Target zero, with a minimum 10% improvement year-on-year
      Sustainable engagement (%)2   74 (2015)3   85     Not measured3   Maintain or improve
      Energy intensity (GJ/adt)2   22.62   22.57     22.38   5% improvement over the period
      Certified fibre (%)2   73.0   73.5     75.2   Maintain or improve percentage
  1 Linked to executive remuneration.   Self assessment of 2018 performance
  2 Identified sustainability goal, with targets set for 2020 in line with our vision. See Our global 2020 sustainability goals for more information.   Legend:
  3 Not measured; survey takes place every second year.    Satisfactory performance
         Progress to be made/Ongoing
         Unsatisfactory performance
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Who we are

    Global leader in
pulp and paper solutions
    Founded in South Africa in 1936
JSE top 40
    5.7 million tons per annum of
paper production capacity
    2.3 million tons per annum of
paper pulp production capacity
    Direct and indirect
customer base in over 150 countries
    1.4 million tons per annum of dissolving
wood pulp production capacity
    Strong commitment to corporate
citizenship and sustainability
    12,645 employees    
    FTSE/JSE Responsible Investment
Top 30

    OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001 and
14001 certification in all mills
    Product development for
new woodfibre based biomaterials
and biochemicals markets
    379,000ha owned and leased
sustainably managed forests in
South Africa


Sappi has 18 production facilities and 37 sales offices globally

Sappi has 18 production facilities and 37 sales offices globally

More on Who we are