You’d think the sheer weight of polar bears would send them plunging through the ice, and the fact is, it can, if the ice is too thin. But polar bears have adapted through the size of their feet, how they walk on ice and instinct to safely traverse and live on ice, even when their bodyweight increases by more than 50 percent after the spring/ summer hunting season.

In a similar way, acting with integrity helps to keep a company and its employees from falling through the proverbial ‘ice’ into ethical trouble. It is not something we take for granted at Sappi.


It begins with questioning our motivations every step of the way. Are we delivering the best product and/or service we can at the best value? Are we truly developing our people? Are our shared value initiatives achieving their goals? Are we really living up to our aim of producing more with less and consuming more wisely?

Doing the right thing the right way underpins everything we do at Sappi.



Not because integrity is easy—in fact, it’s often the more difficult path to follow—but because we will not do otherwise. Because it draws on the best of our energies and skills and is our most valuable asset; and because we know it adds value to us as individuals, as teams, as a society and as an organisation.

It’s how we ensure that future generations, not just our own, flourish and thrive.