Strategy trends shaping our business

Globally, emerging trends continue to shape the world at an unprecedented pace. How we respond is an opportunity to create significant value for our stakeholders and ensure our sustainability.

Trend     Response Our key material issues
Transparent supply
  • New Supplier Code of Conduct and Group Woodfibre Procurement Policy
  • High levels of forest certification
  • Safety
  • Woodfibre certification
Forest products
industry renewal
  • Intentional evolution to grow Sappi into a diversified woodfibre group
  • Prosperity
  • Increased R&D spend
  • Investing in innovation
  • Investment in AI, Industry 4.0 and block chain technology research
  • Investing in innovation
  • One Sappi approach to doing business
  • Ethical behaviour and corruption
  • Leverage the chemistry of trees to extract maximum value from woodfibre and promote the recyclability of our products
  • Extracting maximum value from woodfibre in adjacent markets
Urbanisation, growing
populations, geographic shifts in economic power
  • Build DWP capacity to meet the needs of a more affluent, populous market targeted to areas of geographic opportunity
  • Growing demand for cellulosic based fibres
  • Product development, sales and marketing aligned to demographic purchasing patterns and shifts in economic power
  • Growth in the specialities and packaging papers sector
Ethical fashion
  • Engage with customers and NGOs to drive understanding of consumer issues
  • Continue to promote sustainable supply chains based on fairness in terms of labour and the responsible management of natural resources
  • Shared value
  • Woodfibre certification
Social inequality
  • Invest in shared value initiatives, creating local economic opportunities and socio-economic development
  • Shared value
  • Employee engagement
Resource scarcity
  • Promote responsible management of natural resources throughout the supply chain and focus on woodfibre as a renewable resource
  • Planet
Climate change
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and waste to landfill
  • Ensure harvesting of woodfibre is balanced with regrowth, thereby promoting carbon sequestration
  • Mitigate the impacts of climate change through world-class tree improvement programmes
  • Offer lightweight packaging
  • Energy
  • Climate change
  • Provide alternative packaging solutions that are recyclable and biodegradeable
  • Growth in the specialities and packaging papers sector