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Our performance against our 2020 global sustainability goals


The slight improvement from the 2014 base year in the face of extremely challenging conditions reflects the ongoing successful implementation of our One Sappi strategy and 2020Vision.


Safety performance was highly disappointing, with four fatalities in SSA.

Sustainable engagement
The high rate of participation in our employee engagement survey was very satisfactory.


Energy intensity
Our ongoing efficiency improvement projects continue to reduce energy intensity.

Certified fibre
The amount of certified fibre procured (2018: 75.2%) year-on-year remained relatively stable.

In line with our 2020Vision and One Sappi strategic approach, in 2015 we established ambitious global sustainability targets.

Regional targets are aligned to these goals. The base year is 2014, with five-year targets from 2016–2020. Capital spend budget over five years will be used to determine targets in various elements.

Our global performance in 2019, together with commentary, is set out on this page.

Our targets reflect issues that are important to our sustainability as a business and are a key element in our work to continually improve our performance in terms of the 3Ps.

Progress—or lack thereof—against our targets is monitored and reported regularly to management, the Regional Sustainability Councils (RSCs), the Global Sustainable Development Council (GSDC) and ultimately, to the Social, Ethics, Transformation and Sustainability (SETS) Committee, a fully constituted board committee.

We will be establishing new 2025 targets in 2020, aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.