Sappi Southern Africa
Sustainability Report


The costs of forest certification can be high, which is why we’ve established a group forest certification scheme for small- and medium growers.

There are currently 42 members in the scheme with plantations ranging from less than a hundred hectares to several thousand hectares in size.

While our owned and leased plantations are 100% FSC® certified, we recognised that we needed to obtain certification over and above the FSC® Group Scheme certification, based on the difficulty of getting small growers certified and on customers’ requests for PEFCTM labelled products. PEFCTM endorses national certification schemes, which meant South Africa had to develop a new certiication scheme including a forest management standard. We participated in the development of the new scheme, now known as the South African Forest Assurance Scheme (SAFAS). This has been finalised, assessed and endorsed by the PEFCTM.