Sappi Southern Africa
Sustainability Report


In 2018, we were proud to launch Verve, our umbrella brand for dissolving wood pulp.


  • Represents a synthesis of science and nature, determination and energy, passion and innovation.
  • Verve is more than just a product: it's an approach to the way we do business—with enthusiasm, passion and energy.
  • Sets us apart from our competitors as we work to cocreate new solutions for the Planet, the People who inhabit it and the Prosperity of all.


  • Our traceable, responsible supply chain helps to support our customers' commitments to a more socially and environmentally committed world as they transform Verve into products which meet the needs of people around the globe every day. Products which enable fashion, household comfort, personal beauty and hygiene, as well as a healthy lifestyle.
  • Branding our DWP gives us a competitive edge in the growing global market.