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2019 Annual Integrated Report


2019 Group Annual Financial Statements


2019 Risk Report


2019 Our leadership and executive management report


2019 King IV Principles

Download 2019 Annual Integrated Report (7 MB)   Download 2019 Group Annual Financial Statements (5 MB)   Download 2019 Risk Report (5 MB)   Download 2019 Our leadership and executive management report (2 MB)   Download 2019 King IV Principles (2 MB)  

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Group overview
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About this report
Who we are
Where we operate
How we create value
Understanding our business model
Letter to stakeholders
Q & A with the CEO

Creating value by responding strategically
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Our operating context
Our strategy and performance
Risk management
Our key relationships

Our performance review
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At a glance: Integrating our key material issues
Our alignment with the SDGs
Our key material issues
Our product review
Chief Financial Officer's Report

Governance and compensation
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Our leadership
Corporate governance
Remuneration Report
Social, Ethics, Transformation and Sustainability (SETS) Committee Report

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Five-year review
Share statistics
Notice to shareholders
Shareholders' diary
Proxy form for the Annual General Meeting
Notes to proxy
Forward-looking statements

Key themes
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Key theme - Context
Key theme - Innovate
Key theme - Connect
Key theme - Care
Key theme - Determination