Every marathon runner has their own individual race strategy – intervals and tempo runs that increase cardio capacity, rest and recovery periods that help prevent injuries. However different their strategies may be, they all have one characteristic in common: determination.

It begins with the long, hard slog of training, often at inconvenient times, sometimes in inclement weather. Determination continues as runners have to contend with meeting the increasingly stringent criteria for cut off times.

Nobody forces anybody to participate, nobody needs to participate. For all the hundreds of thousands of those who participate in marathons every year, it is not only a competition against other runners, it is a competition against themselves. That is what drives them to finish the race even when their bodies are saying they cannot possibly do so and the power of the mind and positive thinking drives them on.

This individual and collective determination demonstrates how success is achieved – not just by the record breakers or race winners, but everyone who finishes within the cut-off time.

At Sappi, we believe in the power of determination, of overcoming the impossible and constantly challenging ourselves to do better than our best. It is what underpins our focus on our chosen markets, our approach to leveraging the power of woodfibre and our drive to be a trusted and sustainable organisation with
an exciting future.