How we do business is as important as what we do, highlighted by our value statement.

Our values

At Sappi we do business with integrity and courage; making smart decisions which we execute with speed. Our values are underpinned by an unrelenting focus on and commitment to safety.

Our mission

Through the power of One Sappi – committed to collaborating and partnering with stakeholders – we aim to be a trusted and sustainable organisation with an exciting future in woodfibre.

Our 2020Vision

Sappi will be a diversified woodfibre group targeting a substantial increase in EBITDA through an expanded product portfolio with increased margins, providing enhanced rewards to all its stakeholders.


We will ensure that the economies, regions and environments in which we operate benefit from our presence. We will provide enhanced rewards for our shareholders, our employees and our other stakeholders.


We will create opportunities and make resources available to enable our people to grow intellectually and bring new ideas to fruition. We will also continue to invest in and support our communities.



We will support our existing leadership teams and individuals who show promise to be tomorrow's leaders in developing agile and adaptive mindsets that enable us to meet and embrace change to be responsive to the future demands in all our roles. We will work to obtain enhanced margins across all businesses.


We will continue to improve operational and machine efficiencies, and to increase the knowledge-based value of our products to use raw materials more efficiently and reduce our energy needs.

Research and development

We will focus our R&D on developing for commercialisation: speciality paper products, enhancing our dissolving wood pulp business, exploring the micro and nanoscale potential of woodfibre and biorefining—extracting biochemicals locked up in wood.


Shrinking our environmental footprint by reducing energy and raw material consumption will continue to be key to how we produce our products.

Our strategy

Through intentional evolution we will continue to grow Sappi into a profitable and cash generative, diversified woodfibre group—focused on dissolving wood pulp, paper and products in adjacent fields.

Sappi is a global diversified woodfibre company focused on providing dissolving wood pulp, packaging and speciality papers, graphic papers, as well as biomaterials and biochemicals to our direct and indirect customer base across more than 150 countries.

Paper production per year
5.7 million tons

Paper pulp production per year
2.2 million tons

Dissolving wood pulp production per year
1.4 million tons

Globally we have
12,821 employees1

Owned and leased sustainably managed
forests in South Africa

The wood and pulp needed for our products are either produced within Sappi or bought from accredited suppliers. Sappi sells almost as much as it buys.

1 Includes Corporate and Sappi Trading employees