Persistent change, challenged assumptions, and disruption are now the norm, rather than the exception, in business and society.

Within this landscape, we have seen the demise or the value destruction of many businesses the world over.

As Sappi, just over five years ago we recognised that we would have to adapt to this changing context – intensified by the fact that our industry was undergoing profound transformation – and so we embarked on a journey of intentional evolution.

We focused not just on how to serve our customers, but on the bigger picture, based on our understanding that by capitalising on change and by being agile we would be able to contribute to a better tomorrow. This involved redefining our strategy to draw on the power of sustainable woodfibre for a sustainable world, focused on dissolving wood pulp, paper and products in adjacent fields.

For us, it is not about being the biggest or the most visible. Rather, it is about being able to weather all storms, about being able to map out a clear path for ourselves in an uncertain landscape. That way, we will continue to ensure that we are well-matched to our environment and that we are agile and adaptive as that changes – which it invariably will.

In a globalised market that is continually changing, we continue to view adaptation to context as a strategic advantage and our key to realising our group strategy.