Climbing a mountain requires dedication, training, fitness, the right equipment, teamwork, meticulous planning, but above all courage. Because a mountain, like the future, is never predictable.

Sappi recognised the need to change, respond to and take advantage of new trends and realities; instant digital communication, the drive for a low carbon future, increasing consumer preference for renewable raw materials, radical technological innovation, as well as shifting global economic and geopolitical realities. Such a change does not just happen.

It takes careful planning, the right strategy, teamwork and ultimately courage to execute.


We recognised that we had to respond to the global changes shaping our lives in unprecedented ways and at an accelerated pace. We also understood that we needed to do business better tomorrow than today. Our response was to refocus our business and intentionally evolve our strategy – encapsulated in our 2020Vision and One Sappi approach.

While this process of evolution has not been radical, it has been based on a bold departure from traditional ways of thinking about the value streams inherent in woodfibre.



We might not have reached the top of the mountain yet, but we have it firmly in our sights: We have established a strong platform for further value creation, one which has positioned us well to meet and exceed the forces of change ushered in by Industry 4.0, together with any others on the global horizon. A platform which has enabled us to deliver wealth and will continue to underpin our ability to grow and thrive tomorrow and well into the future.