At Sappi, we believe in taking an
integrated approach to value creation.

Intellectual capital

Our technology centres and research and development (R&D) initiatives promote a culture of innovation to support the development of commercially and environmentally sustainable solutions for the company.

Financial capital

We manage our financial capital, including shareholders' equity, debt and reinvested capital to maintain a solid balance between growth, profitability and liquidity.

Manufactured capital

Our operations require significant investments in manufactured capital. Investing in building, maintaining, operating and improving this infrastructure requires financial capital, human and intellectual capital.

Human capital

We require engaged and productive employees to create value. By creating a safe and healthy workplace for our people in which diversity is encouraged and valued, and providing them with ongoing development opportunities, we enhance productivity and our ability to service global markets.

Social capital

Building relationships with our key stakeholders in a spirit of trust and mutual respect enhances both our licence to trade and our competitive advantage, thereby enabling shared value creation.

Natural capital

Recognising that our business depends on natural capital, we focus on understanding, managing and mitigating our impacts.


How to navigate our report

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Sappi’s 3Ps
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Achieve cost advantages
Rationalise declining businesses
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Maintain a healthy balance sheet
Accelerate growth in higher margin products
Sappi and the Sustainable Development Goals

See Our key material issues and Group Sustainability Report ( for more information on how we integrate these into our business.