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Adding value in each region where we operate

Our products play an integral part in the everyday lives of people across the country and around the world. We play an important role in society, offering efficiently manufactured, recyclable products, made from renewable raw materials. The forestry industry is one of the strategic economic sectors in each region where we operate, and makes a significant contribution to economic growth and job creation, particularly in rural areas, where employment and income generation opportunities are more limited than in cities.


In 2018, the pulp and paper industry provided more than 180,000 direct jobs, and a further 1.5 million in the value chain. It has a turnover of EUR90 billion and adds EUR20 billion to Europe's GDP annually. It is strong in export markets, with an export rate of 22% of its paper and board production. The industry yields 2x higher return on investment than average manufacturing.

United States of America

The forest products industry accounts for some 4% of the total manufacturing GDP of the USA, manufactures nearly US$300 billion in products annually and employs around 950,000 people. The industry meets a payroll of a sum US$55 billion annually and is among the top 10 manufacturing sector employers in 45 states.

South Africa

According to Forestry South Africa, in 2017 the forest products sector in South Africa employed approximately 157,500 people (59,800 directly and 97,700 in indirect jobs). Overall, forestry provides livelihood support to 688,000 people. The forest sector (forestry and forest products) contributes about 1% to national GDP and makes a significant contribution to the balance of payments.