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Promoting health

and wellbeing

Healthier employees are more productive, innovative and creative and have a direct, positive impact on the bottom line.


  • Each mill, together with the mill lead teams, decides on their priorities for the year
  • Programmes include preventative medical healthcare check-ups, flu vaccinations and immunisations
  • Support for employee sports and social activities, among others


  • All salaried and hourly employees (and their spouses) who participate in one of Sappi's medical plans are encouraged to complete a health risk assessment questionnaire
  • Wellness events, including healthy cooking demonstrations and wellness webinars, at all sites

Health and safety committees are in place at each mill.


  • Occupational health risks like hearing loss are mitigated by repeated hearing loss measurements and reducing or eliminating noise levels
  • Primary healthcare: Ongoing focus on HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis. At some of our mills we have partnered with the provincial health services to provide chronic medication and HIV/Aids retroviral drugs to the clinics at our mills. For more information, please go to our HIV/AIDS FAQ, available on
  • Employee wellbeing: Educating, empowering and upskilling our people to take ownership of their wellbeing. Programmes include support for obesity; substance abuse (alcohol and drugs); basic counselling for referrals to external providers; financial wellness; trauma counselling; work stress issues and other health and relationship issues