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Government and regulatory bodies

We engage with government departments and regulatory bodies to provide input on issues and regulations that affect our industry. We also engage with regional and local governments and local authorities to obtain support for our operations and show how our activities contribute to local economic and social development..

  Shared priorities   Our response
  • Social and economic benefits of our industry nationally and at a local level
  • Increased investment
  • Energy issues in general and in particular government moves on carbon taxation, decarbonisation and recyclability
  • The impact of increased regulations on business
  • In 2018, our group CEO made commitments at the first investment conference hosted by the South African President, announcing R2.7 billion to expand Sappi Saiccor Mill’s DWP capacity by 110,000 tpa (for global textile markets); and R5 billion for upgrade projects at the mill to decrease production costs, introduce new technology, optimise processes, reduce environmental footprint and future-proof manufacturing systems.
  • Ongoing consultations take place with government departments and regulatory bodies in each region. In Europe we also regularly engage with the European Commission. (SeeOur operating context: Regulatory and environmental issues.)
  • We brief legislators.
  • We support specific government initiatives. In South Africa, this includes the renewable energy drive. The biomass project at Ngodwana Mill in which we had a 30% stake is under construction.
  Opportunities for value creation
  • Promote understanding of issues and challenges, as well as the strategic value of our industry
  • Help create a more receptive regulatory and policy environment.
  Challenges for value creation
  • Policies which do not take our high use of bio-based energy into account
  • Administrative delays.