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Sustainability governance

Our approach to sustainability is framed in terms of Prosperity, People and Planet—referred to internally as the 3Ps—and is set out in our Group Sustainability Charter

This in turn is underpinned by our Code of Ethics and our group value statement:

At Sappi we do business with integrity and courage; making smart decisions which we execute with speed. Our values are underpinned by an unrelenting focus on and commitment to safety.

Regional Sustainability Councils (RSCs) operate in Sappi Europe (SEU), Sappi North America (SNA) and Sappi Southern Africa (SSA). Each RSC focuses on key material issues relevant to their specific region and on incorporating sustainability into everyday business processes.

These RSCs report to the Group Sustainable Development Council (GSDC) which reports to the Social, Ethics, Transformation and Sustainability (SETS) Committee which, in turn, reports to the board.

Sustainability ambassadors in SEU and SNA and brand ambassadors in SSA help to entrench a holistic approach to the 3Ps of Prosperity, People and Planet throughout the group.