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Key relationships – Employees

We invest in future talent while challenging our people so that they are able to leverage the opportunities presented by our strategic direction and a changing world.

  Shared priorities   Our response
  Resources that enable our people to grow intellectually, fulfil their potential and drive innovation in Sappi   Invested an average of US$525 per employee in training and development.
  Connection with Sappiā€™s strategic goals and high levels of engagement   We conduct engagement surveys every second year
(see Key material issues for more detail). At group level, leadership and direction together with image and customer focus were identified as areas needing attention. Accordingly, we have introduced new leadership development programmes at senior and executive levels and are working to further entrench our One Sappi culture. We provide regular updates on progress towards our 2020Vision strategy to the business.
  Effective safety, health, wellness and recognition programmes  
  • The theme for Global Safety Awareness week was We value safety. The message was reinforced by toolbox talks, safety games, competitions, addresses by media personalities and self-defence classes.
  • Wellbeing and wellness programmes are tailored to the needs of each region
  • Our recognition programmes include:
    • Sappi Limited:
      • Technical Innovation Awards
      • CEO Award for Excellence
    • SEU: Annual Coryphaena Award
    • SNA: TOUTS Recognition Awards and periodic regional President’s Awards
    • SSA: Excellence in Achievement Awards
    • Sappi Trading: SMART Awards.
  • Encourage employee volunteerism through initiatives like:

SEU: Support of various local education, cultural and environmental projects based on annual requests and identified needs

SNA: The Employee Ideas that Matter initiative through which we provide grants to employees to fund their individual projects to support good in local communities

SSA: Employee wellbeing committees at each mill support local community projects and support Mandela Day.

  Opportunities for value creation
  • Employees who understand and buy into our 2020Vision are pivotal to the success of our business—alignment with our strategic direction enables our people to contribute more positively to the business as well as their personal and career development
  • By building our human capital, we establish a base of the technical skills needed by the industry
  • An increased commitment to safety delivers benefits at personal, team and operational levels
  • By establishing an ethical culture where corporate citizenship is promoted, we ensure the ongoing viability of our business, enhance reputation and become an employer of choice.
  Challenges for value creation
  • Recruitment and retention of key skills
  • Loss of institutional memory.