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employee engagement

A connection between work and organisational strategy = a fulfilled and engaged workforce that delivers on our key business drivers.

Held every 2nd year, our employee engagement survey measures sustainable engagement based on three key factors:

Traditionally engaged – measures the belief in company goals and objectives, the emotional connectedness to the organisation and willingness to give discretionary effort


Sustainable engagement in 2019 was 79% (2017: 77%; 2015: 74%)

Enabled – measures the availability of resources to achieve excellent performance and the lack of obstacles to getting the work donet


90% of our people participated in our 2019 engagement survey (2017: 85%; 2015: 73%)

Energised – measures the social networks in place in the work environment and feelings of enthusiasm or accomplishment at work


42% of employees are fully engaged, 39% unsupported or detached and 19% fully disengaged

Research has indicated that companies with higher scores on sustainable engagement outperform those with lower sustainable engagement scores.

Identified global focus areas?

The detailed results for both leadership and direction and image and customer focus were positive. However, there has been a decline compared to the 2017 results. Accordingly, we:

  • Have introduced new leadership development programmes at senior and executive levels.
  • Are reviewing and including the One Sappi culture in the 2025 strategy launch.

Action plans dealing with issues specific to each region have been put in place.