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Key relationships – Investors

Our aim is to provide investors (shareholders and bondholders) and analysts with transparent, timely, relevant communication that facilitates informed decisions.

  Shared priorities   Our response
  • Information on Sappi’s strategy, debt levels and key developments such as the acquisition of Matane Mill in Canada
  • Return on investment
  • Transparent information about risks, opportunities and environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance
  • Our investor relations department engages with shareholders and analysts continually.
  • Our Chairman and CEO engage with shareholders on relevant issues.
  • We engage with various ratings agencies, particularly in terms of ESG performance. We conduct ad-hoc mill visits and road shows, and issue announcements through the JSE – Stock Exchange News Services (SENS), in the press and on our website (see
  • We publish our annual integrated report
    (see and sustainability reports (see on the group website.
  • Shareholders can attend and participate in the Annual General Meeting(AGM) as well as the four quarterly financial results briefings.
  • Our Chief Financial Officer and Head of Treasury engage with bondholders, banks and rating agencies regularly on the performance of the company.
  • We participate in carbon disclosure and forest footprint disclosure projects every year, making our submissions publicly available.
  Opportunities for value creation
  • Understanding our strategic direction
  • Enhanced reputation
  • Greater investment confidence
  • Broader licence to invest.
  Challenges for value creation

Global economic uncertainty, trade wars, reduced demand, lower pricing.